Hello my name is David Quesada, I’m the owner and I will be your personal tour guide.

David Tours for Rio Celeste Horseback riding was born in 2012 with the goal of providing quality service to tourists, as we have a large number of visitors in the area looking to visit the famous Celeste River with its magical waterfall and its sky blue waters. I used to work as a builder since I was a kid I used to like construction, so I learned about the construction work and I built around 8 houses including mine. I was already tired of the construction work by 2012, so one day talking to my employees I asked them: What could I do to stop working as a builder? And I remember that my brother-in-law told me, that I should work in tourism !!! since I studied to be a guide, and he told me that helping my parents in the hotel that we started back in 2008 I helped them promoting the hotel Rio Celeste La Posada, but I wanted to work on my own, then I remember that my brother-in-law told me about doing horseback riding and I told him yes, but it was a lot of investment, in that time I just finished a course that I was doing and I had to present a project for a economic aid because nationally we were 900 students and only 90 qualified for help with the IMAS (Mixed Institute of Social Assistance) I already had 2 projects ready for present and at the last minute I elaborated the one for Rio Celeste Horseback Riding Tours and submitted and it was approved for an economic aid of 1,217,000 colones, and with that money I bought 3 horses and I did the construction of the stable of 60 square meters, with the passage of time I have been buying more horses and I currently have 9 horses; Thanks to God, I was able to make my dreams come true.