Delicious and affordable Costa Rican food in a very beautiful location, with a nice garden and water pools where we bred tilapia fish for consumption in the restaurant. The restaurant is a local family business attended by my wife and son, where you will feel welcome. We are located just 0.8 Mile(1.4km) from Rio Celeste waterfall entrance (Tenorio Volcano National Park)


1. Tilapia Fish served with banana ceviche and 2 side dish options:
a. Rice
b. Salad
c. Smashed beans
d. French Fries Potatoes
e. Yucca (root similar to potatoes, boiled then quick fried)
f. Patacones (Fried Green Plantain).
Price $10 USD
1. Pescado de Tilapia servida con ceviche de banano y 2 guarniciones:
a. Arroz
b. Frijoles molidos
c. Ensalada
d. Papas Fritas
e. Yuca Frita
f. Patacones (Plátano verde frito).
Precio 6000 Colones

2. Ceviche ( diced cubes of raw tilapia fish cured in a lemon juice mixture with onions, sweet pepper and cilantro. Price $6 USD
2. Ceviche ( Pedacitos de pescado de tilapia curado en jugo de limón con cebolla, chile dulce y culantro. Precio 3500 Colones

3. Typical Food “Casado” served white rice, beans salad and veggies hash with 1 meat choice from:
a. Beef Steak
b. Chicken
c. Fish
d. Pork chop
Price $8 USD
3. Casado tradicional servido con Arroz, frijoles, ensalada, picadillo y plátano con 1 opcion de carne:
a. Bistec de Res
b. Pollo
c. Pescado
d. Chuleta de Cerdo
Precio 4500 Colones

4. Spaghetti in white sauce with chicken. Price $7 USD
4. Fideos en salsa blanca con pollo. Precio 4000 Colones

5. Spaghetti in white sauce with shrimp. Price $9 USD
5. Fideos en salsa blanca con camarones. Precio 5500 Colones

6. Spaghetti in pomodoro sauce. Price $7 USD
6. Fideos en salsa Pomodoro. Precio 4000 Colones

7. Seafood soup in water. Price $8 USD
7. Sopa de Mariscos en agua. Precio 4500 Colones

8. Seafood soup in milk. Price $9 USD
8. Sopa de Mariscos en leche. Precio 5500 Colones

9. Shrimp served in white sauce, salad and French fries. Price $10 USD
9. Camarones servidos en salsa blanca, ensalada y papas fritas. Precio 6000 Colones

10. Garlic Shrimp served with salad and French fries. Price $9 USD
10. Camarones al ajillo servidos con ensalada, papas fritas. Precio 5500 Colones

11. Churrasco Skirt Steak served with 2 side dish options:
a. Smashed potatoes
b. French fries potatoes
c. Salad
d. Veggies
Price $12 USD
11. Churrasco servido con 2 Guarniciones:
a. Puré
b. Papas fritas
c. Ensalada
d. Vegetales
Precio 7000 Colones

12. Chicken strips served white salad, French fries, or yucca. Price $8 USD
12. Fajitas de pollo servidas con ensalada, papas fritas o yuca frita. Precio 4500 Colones

13. Fish fingers. Price $8 USD
13. Dedos de pescado. Precio 4500 Colones

14. Chicken fingers. Price $8 USD
14. Dedos de pollo. Precio 4500 Colones

15. Mixed meat served whit salad and french fries. Price $8 USD
15. Carnes Mixtas servidas con ensalada y papas fritas. Precio 4500 Colones

16. Rice with Chicken mixed served with white salad and French fries (Browned rice mix with small chicken pisses, onions, pepper, garlic, cilantro and tomatoes. Price $7 USD
16. Arroz con pollo servido con ensalada y papas fritas. Precio 4000 Colones

17. Rice with Shrimp mix served with white salad and French fries. Price $8 USD
17. Arroz con camarones servido con ensalada y papas fritas. Precio 4000 Colones

18. French fries and sausages slides fries. Price $5 USD
18. Salchipapas (papas fritas con rodajas de salchichas) Precio 2500 Colones

19. Nachos with Chicken (Fried corn tortilla chips with chicken, ketchup, mayo & cheese) Price $6 USD
19. Nachos con Pollo. Precio 2500 Colones

Natural Drinks. Price $2 / Bebidas Naturales Precio 1.000 colones

  1. PassionFruit / Maracuya
  2. Soursop / Guanabana
  3. Pineapple / Piña
  4. Lemon / Limon

Milk Shakes Price $3 / Batidos en Leche. Precio 1500 Colones

  1. Blackberry / Mora
  2. Pineapple / Piña
  3. Strawberry / Fresa
  4. Banana / Banano
  5. Papaya

Hot Drinks. Price $2 / Bebidas Calientes. Precio ¢1.000 Colones

  1. Sweet Cane Tea with water / Agua Dulce
  2. Sweet Cane Tea with milk / Agua Dulce con Leche
  3. Tea / Te
  4. Tea with milk / Te con Leche
  5. Black Coffee / Café Negro
  6. Coffee with Milk / Café con Leche
  7. Chocolate

Soft Drinks. Price $2 / Gaseosas ¢1.200